1Card: Frequently Asked Questions

What is 1Card, in other words ?

1Card is a digital business card personalized for you. Your name / company name / designation is printed on 1Card. 1Card has an embedded NFC chip & a QR Code on one of its side. When the receiver touches his NFC enabled smartphone to 1Card or scans its QR Code, your contact information appears on his/her mobile screen. Your contact information includes your name, company. designation, short bio, phone number, email, website, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus profile urls, home & office address on Google Map. The receiver can instantly connect with you on the social networks & can download your vCard to add all these details to his/her phone's addressbook.

Is 1Card durable ? Which material is it made of ?

1Card is made of PVC with high quality digital printing. It's water proof. A 1Card would last for many years & typically the only thing that can go wrong with it is wear & tear marks on it's surface after sustained use.

Where does 1Card store my information ? Can I edit it ?

1Card stores your contact information securely in the cloud. You can edit your information anytime & anywhere by visiting https://my.linqs.in

If I have a 1Card, would I still need to print & carry paper business cards ?

Perhaps yes. Look at it this way. Exchanging business cards, however old world it is, is a business etiquette. Although statistics shows that more than 88% business cards are trashed or lost within a week, you just can't avoid this custom. However, there are situations when you or the receiver of your card is actually interested in connecting with you ASAP. 1Card helps you build connections, quickly.

Does using 1Card requires mobile internet ?

Yes it does.

Why can't I use some mobile app instead of this physical card ?

By all means, you can. But consider this. If an app based solution requires the same app to be on both ends, it usually doesn't work. You can't even ensure that everyone you meet has Facebook app or Whatsapp! 1Card has removed the hurdle of having a custom app to exchange contact information digitally.
There are some apps that scan & digitize paper cards using OCR. Use them! They are useful when you meet people who are still using paper business cards, to digitize their paper cards. But to them, present your 1Card!

Which NFC chip 1Card uses ?

1Card has NXP NTAG203 NFC chip. It's write-protected to prevent accidental or malicious overwriting.

Do I have to create my 1Card contact profile before purchasing 1Card ?

No. Go ahead & purchase 1Card. When you receive your 1Card, on the first tap/scan, you would be able to create your profile. If you connect with LinkedIn & Facebook most of your contact information would be pulled & pre-filled. It's a breeze to create or edit your profile!